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  1. ... / High S/N ratio / High Color Reproduction Hope the info is useful to you!

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  2. ...1380/孔雀開屏920511.jpg 圖片參考: reproduction /asset/b19cd5bb8c268b1b354229e621d1f7ca21fefa04.jpg

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  3. LPR的全名叫作LP- Reproduction ,這個系列是Verve唱片出版,仿LP包裝的企劃,除了Verve...

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  4. ...anther(花藥)在那裡, stigma(柱頭)在那裡(請看下圖): reproduction -andangiosperms-images/self-pollination-upward-stylar-growth-in-...

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  5. ... is the idea that there is a minimum viable population size below which reproduction fails. There are a number of reason why reproduction ...

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  6. reproduction .jpg/117px-Florence_Nightingale_1920_ reproduction .jpg http://zh.wikipedia...

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  7. "原因再現" 舉例:當你討厭一個人時,總是會有些理由,但是時間一久卻忘了;某天有人提起這件事情,又突然想起來為何討厭他的理由了。

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  8. ...principle that if an organism allocates energy to one function, such as growth or reproduction , it reduces the amount of energy available to other functions, such as...

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  9. ...雜誌編輯Fertility & Sterlity 論文評審(reviewer)Human Reproduction 論文評審(reviewer)

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  10. 魚的生態、繁殖及特殊研究 fish ecology, reproduction and special (particular) research

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