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  1. rent -stabilized apartment是指租金年漲幅被管制的公寓 Rent stabilization sets maximum rates for annual rent increases and entitles tenants to receive required...

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  2. Tom plans to rent a house nearby the officeto save the transportation time,he cannot afford the very...

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  3. ...rent有種詞性與用法.我試著以詞性還解釋和舉例好了: rent 名詞: the rent for this bicycle is $50 pre...tomorrow. / I will come back to you later. 4. rent 可數不可數就要看狀況了. 比如之前的例子(the rent ...

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  4. LIFE FOR RENT -Dido I haven t ever really found a place that I call...just a thought, only a thought but if my life is for rent and I don t learn to buy well I deserve nothing more than I get cos...

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  5. Apartment for rent in Taipei at Xin Yi district Wow it's ...the follows. 1, If I had enough ability , I would rent it, with my family.2, If I were to make much money anytime...

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  6. 企業租車Enterprise rent -a-car的創辦人是Jack Taylor Rent -A-Car

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  7. ...找了一下,你可以去看看,不知是否對你有所幫助. Rent _%28musical%29(英文)

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  8. Rent %20-%20Seasons%20of%20Love%20(version%202%20-%20transcription).pdf http...

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  9. How much is the rent at the moment in London on average? one single room, please per week or per month thank you 請問此刻在倫敦單人房的平均租金是多少錢?周租或月租。謝啦! 供你參考!

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  10. lease通常是指長時間的出租;就像店舖出租,在北美通常都是稱為lease(多以年為一期出租)。 rent是指短期的出租。如 rent a car, rent a video之類的,指的是以天為單位的出租。但租公寓通常也稱為 rent ,因為這是以月為單位的租。

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