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  1. 我很捨不得敘別 I was reluctant to  say goodbye. reluctant 圖片參考: ] a. (形容詞...with or useI hate to part with them. 我很捨不得他們I hate to  see (someone) go. 我戀戀不舍

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  2. appear可以當作seem的同義字,結構是 appear + ( to be)補語。補語通常是名詞或形容詞性質的。所以接上relunctant是對的。如果成為... to be) rich. He appears to have been rich. 前面的括號中的 to be是可以省去的。 He appeared a little upset. It ...

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  3. Reluctant to give up, but how able. Reluctant to give up是個片語-意思是捨不得 but...帶有"能"的意思 how 帶有"如何"的意思囉! 以下是另一句 To give up, how also can. 要放棄 又能如何 我詢問外國老師的~~

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  4. 1.捨不得 英: reluctant / reluctant to give up 泰: 這個泰文我不知道耶 可是用 "ทิ้งไม่ลง" 應該...

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  5. ... center. 6. I think that younger people are more reluctant to recycle than older people. 或是 I think that older people ...

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  6. My love is being also reluctant to part from to you Frequently will feel weary? What has to be able to let you feel the incapable feeling?

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  7. ... than to think reluctant I think that older people are more reluctant to recycle than younger people.

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  8. ...達到接近的意思. 3. He was unwilling to _____. 4. He was reluctant to _____. 一般來說後面會接 to do something, 句子較完整. 希望有幫助.

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  9. ... If you say that this is the love that I am reluctant to stray If you say that this is love you to let go of my shoulder...

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  10. ... I'm Zhang Chen Ni I'm very reluctant to let you go back to America. Although I do not get along with...

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