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  1. relish 大多是指切碎的蔬菜(或水果類)的醬料佐料,可一種,也有多種混合,最常見...

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  2. ...含義,意味[S][(+of)],欣賞,品味 喜愛,愛好[+v-ing] We did not relish the prospect of staying after school. (舉止,講話等)優雅,修養 His manner...

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  3. The influence and improvement to the apple juice s relish and quality through processing. relish 用aroma也可 2007-03-11 22:45:17 補充: juice s中間有一撇 打不出來= =

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  4. The A s aren t exactly relishing another meeting with Yankees righty... Macha A 很快確切地不 relishing 其它會議與美國人righty Chien-Ming...

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  5. ... mustard Rib sauce Tomato Sauce Sweet Relish Relish sauce Choose the ones you would like to have ...

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  6. ...could have never enjoyed the good old days (that) we used to relish . 你是我心中最需要忘記 也是最不想忘記的回憶I want to sponge ...

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  7. ... really make me hungry now 2007-01-22 22:22:19 補充: i also like sweet relish ..yummy yummy.. this is the picture of it..

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  8. (1).toothsome--形容詞 (2).delectable--形容詞 (3).delicious--形容詞 (4).palatable--形容詞 (5).dainty--形容詞 (6).tasty--形容詞 (7). relish --名詞 要稍微注意一下詞性喔^.^~

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  9. 1.一種好滋味,或一種好味道 a memory of a relish , an ever-lasting taste 2.美妙滋味,香氣四溢 a splendid taste with fragrance far and wide 3.誠信 用心 堅持的好口味 an insistent great flavor of honesty and assiduity

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  10. ... Dusted Sea Scallops With Tomato Relish 普羅奇尼扇貝佐番茄風味醬 2.Lasagna 義式寬麵 3.Manicotti...

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