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  1. "A school employee who has witnessed or has reliable information that a student or school employee has been SUBJECT...

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  2. 建議找專業的外勞仲介公司幫忙! http:// reliable 0933345169 陳先生

  3. 台南縣市! 申請外勞收費大約在 17000-25000 參考資料:外勞仲介公司 06-2763360 http:// reliable

  4. ...a source of information for you all. The company profile is very good and reliable .It may be trusted, dependable. The product eg.I am...

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  5. http:// reliable 建議您可以去 台灣最大外勞討論區 尋找外勞仲介公司....很多評論喔

  6. 1. Yes. 2. Maybe. For better performance, you must have reliable internet connection and the notebook must be connected with a charger.

  7. 17-C 18-A 19-C 20-B

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  8. ... information provided in this report is believed to be reliable ;however,due to the wide variety of intervening factors, XXXX...

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  9. ... of a screening programme include an affordable, reliable and specific test, a disease with well-defined adverse outcomes and cost...

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  10. A research policy practice gap (你這個標題是否有漏了什麼字? 看起來不完整。我參考下列文章內容,我猜應該是指研究、政策與執行的落差) A recent report which looked at the health impacts across government identified that government ministers need robust...

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