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  1. 接力賽: relay race 交棒:pass the baton例:when it is time to pass the baton to the next runner...得很專心)例:the receiver is the runner who receives the baton in a relay race .(接力賽中,接到棒子的跑者被稱為接棒人 receiver)

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  2. 您好: 大隊接力有很多種講法 我一一告訴您 relay race 大隊接力(n.) 動詞- run a relay race Production brigade relay 大隊接力...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2010年02月27日

  3. 「接力賽」 relay race 「大隊接力」group relay race Mizuno馬拉松接力賽 Mizuno Kinzan Marathon relay race Nov.23, 2008 Taipei Prefecture, Taiwan

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2008年12月04日

  4. ... meet hold as usual . Our class came in first in 400 meter relay race . I take part in " two people have three feet got third...

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  5. 大隊接力的英文是 relay race ! 2007-10-08 22:05:45 補充: It is a 名詞片語

  6. The game has already gone, and the relay race which we attach importance to was over, too. The result was out...

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  7. 大隊接力= relay race

  8. 在一個國小的操場上正在舉行接力賽跑 In one elementary school, a relay race is held on the playground. 看起來像是一場運動會。 It ...

    分類:教育與參考 > 考試 2008年09月10日

  9. ... 雙槓 pelota 回力求 pole vault 撐竿跳 polo 馬球 pool 撞球(大檯) relay race 接力賽 rock climbing 攀岩 rugby 橄欖球 sailing vessel 賽帆船 shot...

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  10. ... in the sports meeting are: tug of war, join competition, relay race and so on. All of us were preparer in our full strength...

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