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  1. In regards to = 關於 例子﹕ In regards to waste and recycling: please contact Manager of Services on (02) 80915919 翻譯﹕關於廢棄物和回收的問題﹕請跟服務經理聯絡﹐電話 (02) 80915919

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  2. Regarding China visiting, please kindly send the inner page of passport which has (photo and number attaching) for us, and your stamp of ( Immigration and) visa recently,ie.(Sept. 2017.)

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  3. 差別在: 最好的問候 (一般人客氣的信尾問候) 最溫暖的問候(比較有人情味) 2008-06-11 13:36:01 補充: warmest 通常是熟朋友才用

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  4. Mark非常(high)著重( regard )誠實,而她實話實說的溝通方式,正對上了(appealed to)Mark的味 ( regard for honesty)。

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  5. 這兩種都式正式用法 Best Regards => 通常用在陌生人or 上級的信上(每次我寫email 給我教授時...=.=) Sincerrely yours => 至此敬上 朋友之間通常是 yours always love

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  6. Best regard 翻成中文意思是 此致敬意 如果用在生日卡結尾其實不是那麼的好

  7. Regarding this hundred year rare financial storm、the European Pama government ... the tax cut、the third item advocates the green industry. Regarding the support enterprise、the government should have the planed support、and should request...

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  8. Regarding PG-791 AZO Test Report Our product No... product contains small amount of nitrogen. If you have any question regarding above report or need further information, please do not hesitate to contact us. ...

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  9. CUP的算法是上胸圍減掉下胸圍的尺寸, 如果 2.5公分<上胸圍減下胸圍< 5公分左右 =A CUP 5公分 <上胸圍減下胸圍<7.5公分左右 =B CUP 依此類推,一個CUP大概是2.5公分左右 所以老實...

  10. Regarding last time the payment , => Regarding to the last payment, 關於上批貸款. =>...

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