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  1. ...system accordingly. PO 1027 xxxxxxxxx PO 1032 xxxxxxxxx Thanks and regards , Xxxx Xxxx

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  2. ...picture needed for the evidence, please be free to contact me? Best regard , the right of subrogation 代位求償

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  3. ― 98 ― 無法違抗, 父親搬到了三湖並回到宮廷. 當陛下接受到他的覲見時, 睿智的神采容顏閃爍着喜悅. 陛下對他的老臣的鍾愛似乎沒有絲毫減弱. 隨後, 陛下會定期地召喚父親, 定期並對國家重要事務提出諮詢. 在7月21日, 觀柱和龜柱對向君王提出呈上疏, 一個接一個. 他們沒有一個在上疏上...

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  4. ..., please CC to her as well the subsequent emails with regard to your payments.

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  5. ... inform us the progress on this case. Thank you! Best regard .

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  6. ... each. Thank you and await your early reply. Best regards , Xxxx Xxxx

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  7. ... check your account and acknowledge the receipt. Thanks. Best regards , 註: 1)Sir/Madam要大寫表尊敬,但未必要用複數。 2)have...

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  8. ...significantly increased intention to quit, but quitting intentions in regard to youth, high school vocational students than junior high school students...

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  9. 這有省略 if you have an important question regarding the water advisory,please type it in the text box provided on the web site...

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  10. ...amp; please feel free to contact us for further questions! Best regards , yyy

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