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  1. Yours, Sincerely Yours, Truly Yours, Sincerely, Very Truly Yours, Truly, Kindly Yours, Regards , Best Regards , ... So many others.

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  2. ... my own problem of privacy, anyway do thanks for all your regards . 我因事不能赴約會,希望原諒和多謝你邀請==Thanks for your invitation...

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  3. ...about the beginning in between our business partnerships as in regards to the problem of dull colour of the character of words of our...

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  4. 在我們當前的研究中,對於數據的解讀存在諸多限制。 第一,我們在採樣期間並沒有對任何樣本所處的周遭空氣中的VCM和EDC含量水平進行測量。而且有關學齡兒童的TDGA來源我們並無法提供直接證據。 第二,雖然我們是在同一個小學裡,在同一時間點採集了被試...

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  5. 銷售部希望能分開提供消費用戶分類報告和特定訂購項這兩份報告。

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  6. It is hard for that planer to make any decision about the partnership especially within a limited time, as that refers to and involving a lot of factors regarding assessment and complication as well. Yip

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  7. ... contact me if you have any questions. Best regards ,

  8. ... forward to seeing you with the opportunity to co-operate as we regard you as the most valued customer.THX.

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