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  1. A~錄音機 補充~多學一點~常用的~ tape 1. 【物】 狹帶,帶子 2. 【物】 膠布,橡皮膏 3. 【物】 絕緣膠布 4. 【物】 磁[錄音]帶 recorder 1. 【人】 記錄者,記錄員 2.【物】 記錄器,錄音機,錄影機

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  2. 如果沒記錯的話應該是 [tep rI korde]

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  3. Cockpit Voice Recorder 駕駛艙錄音機 Cockpit Voice Recorder – 簡稱...

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  4. recorder 圖片參考: ]  n. (名詞 noun)[C...記錄者,書記員;錄音師2. 記錄器;錄音機;印碼電報機He switched off the recorder .他關掉了錄音機。3. 【英】刑事法院法官4. 舌簧八孔直笛flute 圖片參考:http...

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  5. be cleaned, it;s so dirty. 12. I need to borrow your tape recorder for the lecture.

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  6. I want to introduce my recorder . I have learned it for five years since I was the national contest and proudly won the first prize. I like the recorder although its tone is changeless, it has the special harmony when...

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  7. 1.錄音機 recorder 2.收音機 radio 3.收錄音機(無特別名稱,可用radio代稱) 4.月曆 calendar 5.錄音卡帶 cartridge 6.錄影機 video recorder 7.收錄兩用機(應該是指錄放影機吧) videotape recorder 8.立體聲設備 stereophonic equipment...

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  8. ...存檔一定要先用這種方法去格式化 *That when selecting the image recorder , all supported recorder formats are displayed and not...

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  9. 1.equipped 2.will 3.theme, not tale 4.monuments 5.arrival 6.recovered,not remembered 7.dedicated 8.technological (advances),not technical

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  10. ...是的,我想。我早餐想吃吐司。) (4)Can you sing as you play the recorder ? 翻譯:你能一邊吹直笛一邊唱歌嗎? 回答:No,I can't. ...

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