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  1. recorder 標示解釋 釋義 同義字/反義字 變化形 KK: [] DJ: [] n.[C] 1. 記錄者,書記員;錄音師 2. 記錄器;錄音機;印碼電報機 He switched off the recorder . 他關掉了錄音機。 3. 【英】刑事法院法官 4. 舌簧八孔直笛

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  2. 木童笛= Recorder Generally, flute means the musical instrument of the woodwind group. ...

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  3. you mean recorder ?? if yes, then you can find the interactive chat here point to the piano key then the recorder key will shows in the left

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  4. Drive Recorder Paparazzi 的影像 在街上遇上在身為S耐並活躍於(brand model)的...

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  5. ...pump electric water heater electric shaver hair dryer torch door bell tape cassette recorder radio VCD/DVD player/ recorder TV recorder Turn-table for...

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  6. ... have just checked Department A's recorder No.AAA and found that the following doubtful...'s report untrue. 2010-10-20 10:56:19 補充: correction : recorder ------>record

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  7. ...the unnecessary records before leaving office. 2. Place confidential recorders in a folder to keep off any onlookers' peeking anytime. 3. ...

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  8. I think I am good at playing recorder .It is an music instrument. I think I have some talent on playing it.I always get high marks in the competition. 2008-03-23 19:09:05 補充: hope can help u!!

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  9. ... can send phone messages to yourself; use digital camera/ recorder , media recorder on computer, Web cam, tape recorder , etc.) Do these...

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  10. ...的英文是什麼? 現時,牧童笛在香港已成為了學生在音樂課的必學樂器。英文叫 recorder 。 牧童笛是直笛一種,在台灣又稱木笛,在中國大陸又稱為豎笛。 圖片參考...

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