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  1. Can you turnVHS into DVD,and do you have this equipment? Conecting the compute and VHS recorder can be solved.

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  2. ...pipe, also known as a bosun s whistle Pipe, informal term for the flute or recorder

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  3. tumble dryer 滾筒式烘乾機 toaster 烤麵包機 television電視 table mixer 臺式攪拌器 telephone電話 tape recorder 錄音機 只想到這樣

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  4. ..., I even spent time to study LCD and portable multi-media recorder , development of portable digital TV, compression/decompression of various audio/video ...

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  5. ...136.socks or? socks 137.favorite instrument? instrument? recorder 139.favorite mean? who are you 140.who are you? Charlie 143...

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  6. VSDC Free Screen Recorder

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  7. 1.錄放影機 VTR videotape recorder 錄放影機 2.機上盒 set-top box 【網路】略作 STB, 機上盒; 機頂盒; 電視...

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2006年03月27日

  8. ...competition to start and to carry on. Second, each competition must appoint the time interval recorder , the scoring by the Organizing unit and entertains personnel...

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  9. ...:-Did you listen in to a conversation by BBC tapping recorder receiver?Did you listen in to the President English ...

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  10. ... and will always be in the same team. I remember once when there was a recorder exam, we practised at my house and also did our homework...

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