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  1. ... really appreciate for your help . ----------不十分正確 應該是:I really appreciate your help . ----------正 確

  2. me at 90731761. Your help is deeply appreciated . Thank you very much for your time and attention...color,唔洗寫咁多 2。I am really appreciate 文法錯﹐你可以話I really ...

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  3. ...the time for me to go. Thank you for your everything. I really appreciate your teachings. All the bestxxx There are some weird and weak...

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  4. 港台二台(FM 94.8) 星期日 1600-1800 Teen空海闊

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  5. Refer to our meeting today, please find attached a copy of application form as requested. I really appreciate you help on this matter. Yours faithfully, xxx

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  7. you can try Page One or Swindon, if they don't have, you can try and see they can order that for you . But why don't you buy that...

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  8. ... friends. 再者,多謝你的熱心幫忙 Once again, I really appreciate your help .

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  9. 本來要玩game變快的話是要換顯示卡 但是你這部是notebook電腦來的 是換不到顯示卡的... 所以唯一可以做的是更新你的驅動程式 你可以上intel的官網自動幫你update:

  10. Hope the below helps you : Dear xx, Many thanks for taking... again for a second round of interview. I really appreciate it very much because you have been extremely professional in...

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