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  1. registered as inv cust with Mansion house, they provide a platform with all infos with stock fee is rather cheap say around 200 only

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  2. Real time HSI

    分類:商業及金融 > 投資 2007年01月15日

  3. As I know, no web site have real time index for China. However, you can go to... - All local indices are real - time , except for Hang Seng Index ...

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  4. Don't think there are free real - time quote available for YM and DJ because at least exchange fee is ...

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  5. 免費既就, 15分鐘delay. 想睇 real time 唔該比錢去銀行申請個股票戶口, 每個月會有d real time quota比你睇. 假如又唔想比錢又想睇 real time 既話, 可以去有股票counter既銀行禁機. 不過你禁完d師奶1秒又會禁左第2樣

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  6. HSBC provide free real time quote but there is a limit for each month.(~1000 quotes) If you...

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  7. 所有實時( real time )報價網址都要收費, 月費大約$300~500不等, 免費的所有都是延遲一小時, 或者你有開銀行證券戶口 可以用佢地報價服務(有限制查詢次數的)

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  8. 睇吓這個幫唔幫到你....

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  9. 同意樓上位朋友, 如果388 provide real time quote, 佢會唔見好多收入,388唔會做蝕本生意 同埋如果佢provide, 咁d銀行証劵行又賺咩? 攪網上証劵交易系統果筆成本又點收得返?

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  10. Try this homepage, it is a real - time HSI = Hang Sang Index Constituent Contribution to HSI Change

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