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  1. ... example, we cannot tell whether "rapid growing" and " rapidly growing" are correct or not. We dont know the word "...

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  2. ... toward your mother heal, your desires manifest more rapidly and accurately. 3. 治療根源 正當你感覺向著你的治療根源,你的慾望會迅速準確...

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  3. Swiftly, quickly, rapidly Sadly, unhappily, mournfully Gratefully, joyfully, happily, optimistically Sleepily, drowsily Loudly, noisily Softly, quietly, peacefully, silently, ghostly

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  4. Energy is rapidly consumed during physical exercises. In order to replenish the depletion, the brain will release the signal of hunger so as to remind us to eat and have our energy storage refilled. Cheers!

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  5. Science and technology is rapidly developing. 2006-12-11 10:00:24 補充: or, Science and technology is growing rapidly .

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  6. ...是形容那本書是紅色的。 adverb是來形容一些動作或形容詞的 e.g I run rapidly . rapidly 是來形容run這個彭動作。 e,g He is quite active. quite...

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  7. Others copying chains like sir speedy and quick copy were rapidly growing, the competition is threatening the company.

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  8. The dog population in Hong Kong are rising rapidly at these days. According to the research done by Hong...

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  9. ...on is completed one after another,The economy develops rapidly ,Leads various professions synchronization to forward,Simultaneously...

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