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  1. .... for example, we say 'the businessmen raises the prices'. which means 'the... as both transitive and intransitive verbs) i hope this would be useful to you. ^_^

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  2. ... beings is very small,observing them has raised hopes that alienlife exists somewhere out there. 雖然,它們之中能成為生命體居住的...

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  3. 你上去 果個網專系純音樂噶網噶! 你就上去找下YOU RAISE ME UP啦。 哩首歌都幾好聽噶!! I HOPE I CAN HELP YOU。。。

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  4. * hope u can enjoy it!!

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  5. 5) was 6) raised 7) put 8) are not materialised 9) was changed 10) is Hope that it helps you!

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  6. 印度在燃料方面的支出達到進口總量的百分之20. 彼萊氏(Pillai)的發現為印度和其他貧窮的發展中國家帶來了希望, 使她們有望擺脫對中東產油國的負債. 印度的媒體因為彼萊氏(Pillai)而雀躍不已, 紛紛把他和愛因斯坦相提並論. 他進住了新德里的一家大宅, 又有持槍的...

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  7. ... Summit of 1959 between Eisenhower and Khrushchev raised hopes of a more cooperative spirit between East and West. In 1963 the...

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  8. ... ask that life be kind And watch us from above We hope each soul will find Another soul to love Let this be our...

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  9. ... they expected an announcement soon about a dividend, which had raised the hopes of investors that news might be included in the earnings...

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