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  1. ...of the city has risen to five million. 該市人口已增加到五百萬。 raise 係比人升起 He raised his glass and said: &quot...

  2. ...know √2 ^ √2 is rational or not , we conclude that an irrational number raised to an irrational power can be rational.

  3. tell people what you see in the street how much money have you raised

  4. ...的)幕 vi. 行動, 產生...的效果, 擔當, 表演, 假裝, 表現, 見效 vt. 扮演, 裝作 raised [reizd] adj. 凸起的, 浮雕的, 有凸起花紋的, 發酵的

  5. Let's run or walk to the foe charity. Let's sing for the elderly. Let's give to (the) poor children toys and clothes. Let's raise (the) cookies to sell money.

  6. let the original cost is x then (621-x)/x=0.08 621-x=0.08x x=575 the shop owner would like to raise the profit percent to 20% that means the profit =0.2*x =0.2*575 =115 the new selling price of the dress =x+115 =575+115 =690

  7. empty空的;未佔用的;無人居住的 lower較低的 raise 舉起,抬起 pick up 拾起 tidy up收拾 turn down拉下來,摺下來(衣領,帽簷) or 拒絕 or轉小,減少(光亮,火焰,聲響) turn off關掉;關閉 turn on 打開電燈,瓦斯,音響設備的開關

  8. When you raise your head, you can see me. What am I?

  9. corrections___________mistaken lower_______ raise

  10. ... (Charles Dickens) was raised in a very unhaapy home(?). 2) He was concernd... (Charles Dickens) was raised in London. 2) He was concernd about...