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  1. ...無厘頭,也沒有 that 子句的動詞。 2. Now considered an art form, quilt -making originatedas a means of fashioning bed covers from bits of fabric that otherwise had no use . 儘管製作棉被現今被視為一種藝術型式,但是...

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  2. 我猜您想要的是有關 Quilt Thread 吧? 如果是的話,20/6 可能是 6 Ply, Size 20。 http://www. fabric .com/SearchResults.aspx?Source=Header&SearchText...

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  3. ..., Los Angeles, CA ,(323) 651-3448 建議你除了 Quilt store 之外, 還可查 Fabrics store 及 Sewing machine 店.

  4. ...must have 我們經典的最溫暖的外套是每次季節的必需品 fabric & care 產品需知 100% Polyester. 100%聚酯...可用洗衣機洗 details 相關細節 Cozy quilted jacket features detachable hood with removable fur trim...

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  5. ..., applies can achieve waterproof effectively on the fabric the function, moreover such tarpaulin continues the ventilation...of the new season, can attains the cotton-wadded quilt and clothes under the sun, after having ...

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  1. quilting fabric 相關