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  1. ...rsquo;s done well in countries like Mexico, but has pulled out of its operations in South Korea and Germany...

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  2. In the mean time, Fleming had just passed by. He went home right away and got his horses to help pull out the wagon.

    分類:社會與文化 > 語言 2009年07月15日

  3. ... bad in the psychology and the body..... After heard has pulled out the hemp the mood can HIGH very be very happy But one but does...

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  4. ... can settle this like your old man. How about that? Hmm? [ Pulls out a coin] Kevin Fischer: Call it. Jason Wise...

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  5. ...the that side had discovered many people are lining up pull out lucky bag Ye Also some people very early have lined up On...

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  6. ...vegetable is mature can eat. We all would not go to the kitchen garden to pull out the vegetables until cook the vegetables in luck to wait, so the...

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  7. ... pulled its furs until its furs was pulled out .And it said:Oh!It's cold!    

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  8. Please take the screw#M8 out of the press before pulling out the plastic box.

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  9. 1.火力全開 firepower full 2.全力以赴 do one's level best go all out go for broke pull out all stops 以上都是比較口語化的講法......跟一般說法沒有甚麼不同... 但雁雁 spare no effort的說法比較書面、文雅些... 不太口語化..

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  10. be king, and the biggest and strongest tried, but none could pull out the sword. Then young Arthur went to the stone. Everyone...

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