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  1. ...story lead is the strange chocolate manufacturer Wily prosperous card, as well as lives under the prosperous k'a... to the world. One day of Wily prosperous card announced an important matter, he wants...

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  2. 國泰 prosperous state 民安 people at peace 2012-01-27 09:40:27 補充: 我認為錢幣上詞應視為2個片語較合適. 如果要翻成2個句子: The State is prosperous . The people live in peace.

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  3. exteriorly prosperous but interiorly sluggish例句:The current economy is criticized as being exteriorly prosperous but interiorly sluggish.回答者:落日騎士。作者:落日騎士。ⓒ2005-

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  4. Popular global, prosperous universal.popular有一般..大眾化的意思..也是很受歡迎的意思 prosperous 是繁榮的..興盛的..富足的global 全球的..universal 世界的..宇宙的 都跟你要求的國際..四海意思很接近

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  5. Prosperous and Peace 2006-05-22 20:18:25 補充: Prosperity and Peace

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  6. 他的意思是祝福你有美好的一天: May you have a prosperous day ! = Wish you have a prosperous day ! = Have a prosperous day !

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  7. In prosperous city, it is total to there will be many social problems, having...

  8. 狗年行大運: The year of the dog goes the big luck 旺旺招財、: Prosperous prosperous recruit the wealth 十犬十美、:Ten dogs ten beautiful 狗年興旺...

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  9. I like walk in prosperous city and enjoy people who are walking I can drink the tea with...some book at big bookstore. At night, I would go to night market to enjoy prosperous atmosphere if i have good mood. This is what I like to do in...

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  10. ...興隆 5.smooth sailing = 一帆風順6.luck = 幸運7.success = 成功8.a lucky and prosperous family life = 幸運豐盛的家庭生活9.long-lasting love = 愛情長久10.success in...

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