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  1. ... at short distance.striking;strike while the iron is hot to get prompt result., holding press-conference in HQ as a whole. (4)God, the...

  2. ...為回教叛亂份子主導 had crumpled the state/已經造成國家混亂 and prompted /並且導致 largely Christian militias/主要是基督教民兵 to retaliate...

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  3. Thank you for your prompt reply. However, l still have another order, invoice no.: xxxxxxxx . l made...

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  4. Reply: Thank for your prompt reply. I would opt for the Store Credit for this transaction. However, please let me know the expiration policy of your store credit. Thanks, Ms. Princess

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  5. (11)B (12)D (13)D (14)A (15)A (16)A (17)D (18)B things such as chairs needed plural in nos. (19)C promptly (20)B before

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  6. Instead of returning the defective item, I like to propose a $20,000 partial refund to allow me to have the hand bag repaired. This will save you some shipping cost. Your prompt response will be appreciated.

  7. 「請您儘快回覆。」 (前文應該提到某人,要翻譯最好別切掉句子,最好連前後文,以免誤解)... 這位某人會樂於提供您任何所需資訊。

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  8. 版大您好,我以前也打過很多工,所以你的感受我可以理解,您還年輕不妨多充實自己,其實任何一種工作都可以讓你學到東西,只要你的心態轉一下,學到了就是自己的,別人也偷不走,這樣去任何一個職場都能得心應手! 另外我想跟您分享一下我們的商機,純分享不強迫,您可以...

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