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  1. *I will Promise you 君(きみ)だけを見守(みまも)ってるよ I...か)すから ** rap)listen my love my dear I promise you indeed my power pleasure pain from you I know you...

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  2. ...14690/article.php?pbgid=14690&entryid=577361%3E 2007-11-23 11:12:47 補充: promise you promise you 자 귀 기울여봐 늘 같은 시간에 쫓겨 등 떠밀려가듯 사...

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  3. Promise 有分戲裡面的團體A.N.JELL所...xdt/200911/W020091105292286413272.jpg Promise (約定) I will promise you 督努(ㄋㄟ) 喔滴耶伊豆no滿(ㄍㄧ)有卡給 I will promise you 摸勒豆no滿努(ㄍㄧ)有卡給 優蒙(ㄏㄧ...

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  4. ...mirai wo dakishimete  Korekara mo promise  

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  5. Promise All I know is all this started back in 95 我記憶...

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  6. Promised Land Lyrics:Chuck Berry Music:Chuck Berry I my hand And I woke up high over Alberquerque On a jet to the promised land Working on a T-bone steak a la carte Flying over to the golden state Ah when the...

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  7. ...&StrCatType=S 真可惜台灣都沒有發行他的專輯...... no promise 真的很不錯聽! 希望這樣有幫到你的忙!

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  8. ...男主角的靈魂從她身後拉住了她救了女主角一命。 這是夏恩華德 "No Promises " 的MV:

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  9. Promise / 初音ミク・鏡音リン 傷口に触れたその時 君は微かに震えていた...

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  10. ... OF KISS 順帶一題 Link裡面那一版的是 Promised land2005 也就是P'UNK~en~Ciel版 = Tetsu唱的

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