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  1. ...要寫成:「蕉宣傳廣告微電影的創作論述」 「香蕉宣傳廣告微電影」應該譯成 Production of a Promotional Short Film of Bananas 香蕉宣傳...

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  2. ... you cannot do these,  I will impose everyone's rest time and production target. And to correct the abnormality I found. 最後這段你本身...

  3. 《棄寶之島:遙與魔法鏡》是2009年8月22日在日本上映的動畫電影。由富士電視台(富士電視台開局50周年記念)和 Production I.G製作,東寶上映。

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  4. ...nozzle direction has been modified to allow for a better production yield.

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  5. ---Responsible for the production line planning, materials and other (expenditure) control and to boost staff moral and to supervisor management personnel.

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  6. ...process-improving & enchancing the yield, and to check graphic&design tool for production line(no can but to) to operate smoothly. Last year I have (taken...

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  7. The 93.12.23 true genuine explanation:- The type of Form Test Report to be eligible for (A)RPC applicant ; Or (B) Production Plant owner.

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  8. ...lead, please confirm if it is possible to ship 1 Ton first after production and the balance 3 Tons could be arranged together later. ...

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  9. ..., orders, finished products, inventory control, production system, production progress tracking, quality Control, third-party...

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