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  1. ... removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings. you try to download once more :

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  2. ... mining 3.5.2 Subject-based data mining 4 Privacy concerns and ethics 5 Marketplace surveys 6...

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  3. .../screenshots/avira_antivir_personal_-_free_antivirus_security___ privacy _anti_trojans-4097-screenshot.png

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  4. ...friend list 既人睇到佢既存在 你無野可以做, 唯一係叫你個 friend 開放番呢個 privacy 做法係在 settings > privacy > search > search visibilty 開放番做...

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  5. ... Google from any web page, block pop-ups Learn more | Privacy policy | License You must close all other browser windows before...

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  6. 可以放心~一定唔會有事~ 就正如你去鋪頭買野~ 你一日未去收銀處俾晒錢lor埋件貨走人~ 都只係處理中的階段~ 你係可以隨時決定唔買的~ (就算你已經走到去收銀機面前~過埋機~ 你未confirm真係要買都一樣可以反悔~) 佢而家封email只係提你~ 你仲未完成購買ge手續~ 你可以"咁咁咁"...

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  7. ...of Windows XP Home Edition, plus premier security and privacy features, advanced recovery options, improved ability...

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  8. ... software types is captured under the term privacy -invasive software. 詳細資料請上

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  9. 如果係防毒 delete 左個檔案既話, 可以試試重新安裝 MSN Live Messenger. 但睇個 crashapp.exe, 似係個 .dll 出錯多 D.

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  10. ... Object (物件擷取) +----Capture Color (色彩擷取) +---- Privacy Eraser (隱私清除) +----Windows Spy (視窗偵查) +----...

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