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  1. ...can also search this website to 聯絡 Yahoo!: privacy /cgi_feedback 不知有沒有更新,我繼續幫你找找相關資料,希望幫到你吧!~

  2. ... Settings feature might reset security settings or privacy settings that you added to the list of Trusted Sites...

  3. ...per person. 2. No - not a friend of Google's solution (due to privacy concerns).

  4. 你可在Whatsap的帳號(Acount),私隱( Privacy ),最後上線(last seen),選擇隱藏。 別人便看不到你上線時間,但另一方面,同樣地你也看不到其它人的最後上線時間。 與用什麽牌子電話是無關係的。

  5. 沒有~ FB 的SEARC ENGINE, 一係所有人都搵到你, 一係所有人都搵唔到你~ 你只能較 PRIVACY 係邊D人可以睇你D野~

  6. You authorize the access (as App) in Facebook. The only way to delink them is revise Facebook's privacy settings. 2013-07-01 12:58:02 補充: Remove the linkage at Openrice as well.

  7. privacy setting果度set啦:D 你可以揀你所有tag都唔俾某人見到 淨係你俾...相又得 你自己po出黎既相都得 <--兩個唔同setting架!! privacy setting->profile and tagging->揀你想block既人lol **如果佢有tag...

  8. ... enable review before a tag from a friend goes live, go to your Privacy Settings -> Timeline and Tagging -> Edit ...

  9. i recommend you to use Timeline Remover first Just simply click the browser you use and the timeline can be removed. I guess if you use the previous version you can handle this problem?

  10. Options > Privacy > Allow calls from... V people in my contact list only 如果都不成功 可能換一個號比較實際