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  1. OPB: Original Principal Balance也就是債權本金金額 UPB: Unpaid Principal Balance也就是債權本息(本金+利息)金額

  2. tummy:the principal organ of digestion 其實去字典的英英解釋就有了 在學校練習帶活動並且認識很多好朋友 practicing how to hold recreational activities at school and thus get to know many friends.

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  3. 計畫主持人(PI) Principal Investigator 計畫總主持人 Project Director 分支計畫主持人 PI of the Component Project 專案主持人 Project Principal Investigator

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  4. ...自己跟校長談,但(b)若改成"After having talked to the principal , he accepted my application."會更好,因為他必須是先談過後...

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  5. Our current principal engage in High Tech Research & Managment in be versed in both civil and military affairs. Now as the principal of NAN-JEON INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY...

  6. ...;stdio.h> int main(void) { int year,m,d; double principal = 1000.0, rate = .03; double mprincipal = 1000.0; double dprincipal...2f$%15.2f$ n", year, principal ,mprincipal, dprincipal,mprincipal- principal ,dprincipal-mprincipal); } getchar(); return 0; }

  7. Orchestra 弦樂團 Principal 首席 Assistant Principal 副首席 小小 到大大 From local to world class(水準

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  8. Good evening principal , teachers, fellow students, and distinguished guests...

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  9. Male school Principal dormitory a clinic Postal service bureau Cherry hotel Golden pillar store Colored hillock Di Cherry Taiwan Male school dormitory

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  10. ...名詞 4The mechanic lent his tools from to our principal . =>4The mechanic lent his tools to our principal ...

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