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  1. ...through Social Development 犯罪預防經由社會發展 Heritage Preservation 傳統保留 Heritage Studies 傳統傳承學 Mimaq ...

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  2. 中:喚起對環保的意識 英:To arouse to the enviroment preservation acknowledge. 此句已經包括兩者問題。 沒用翻譯機喔~

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  3. ... and historical buildings from fire on the cultural proterty preservation regulations. The fire department has little contact or workshop...

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  4. Rather, the constant temperature through time is important. Wine preservation is ideal at any temperature, as long as that temperature does not vary. 因此...

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  5. ...認爲有必要起草《數位文化遺産保護指導方針》(Guidelines for the Preservation of Digital Heritage)。UNESCO的“資訊爲人人”計劃和...

  6. I want to buy two set of products.Would you give me your best offer?Would you tell me what is the expired date for preservation ?

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  7. ... period: 3 monthsPreservation conditions: normal temperature preservation , to avoid high temperatures and Sun sunshineOrigin: ...

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  8. You initially gave my website me not to do lose the preservation to be very good 你當初給我的網址 我沒有搞丟 保存的很好 Originally...

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  9. 雖兩者的意思解釋很近兩個字的使用方法及定義不同Conservation - 保存維持,通常會是個守恆性的定義名詞 Preservation - 保持維護,通常會用在維持性的現象名詞

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  10. ...以上這些運作皆是 "生育保存技術" 的運作與理念,也就是 fertility preservation

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