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  1. ...procedure. Cloud point test is used to control the tendency of wax to precipitate from diesel at low temperatures leading to filter plugging and...

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  2. ... Kowalski, a sweat-shirted barbarian, the crudely sensual brother-in-law who precipitated Blanche s tragedy.

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  3. 1. 孟宗竹材 1. The bamboo timber 2. 竹酢液 2. Bamboo vinegar liquid 3. 靜置沉澱 3. Put and precipitate quietly 4. 燒窯技術 4. Burn the technology of the kiln 5. 成炭效果穩定 5. It is steady to become the charcoal result

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  4. Absorbing more fresh vitamin C in the fruitcan help the wound and can also desalinize the pigment to precipitate whilehealing with higher speed at dawn

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  5. ...will treasure  Will regard it as bright remembrance to put inside the heart and precipitate too  可以吧

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  6. ... Of Sulphur、 Ground Vocle Sulphur、 Precipitated Sulfur、 Sublimed Sulfur、 Sulphur、 Ultra...

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  7. ...of chloride ions, silver nitrate with chloride ions gives a white precipitate of silver chloride which is insoluble in water. 3. Silver chloride re-...

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  8. and shut family in harmony s friendly feelings , can spend weekend vacation precipitating one s own mood too , adjust the mood not good, accumulate better energy for the spirit...

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  9. ...10 M Ce3+ is treated with Na2C2O4 solution to precipitate Ce2(C2O4)3. What must the final concentration of C2O42...

    分類:科學 > 化學 2010年06月25日

  10. ...可能是39.X. 以上回答完你的問題. 另外,17-4的完整名稱為17-4PH( Precipitating Harden), 這種不銹鋼屬於析出硬化型不銹鋼, 它的熱處理程序通常是...