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  1. precipitating factor 是 凝結率下降因素 sepsis is a common precipitating factor...

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  2. precipitate   【化】使沈澱;使沈降(N.) a solid substance which is produced from a liquid during a chemical process:After filtration, the precipitate was dried at 90°C.(V.) If a liquid precipitates ...

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  3. 1. Silver cations and chlorine anions will form white precipitate of silver chloride.  The solution would look like milk initially.  The white...

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  4. Let oneself be precipitated and listened to the song liked. If the time of having...

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  5. ..., Argentina). To determine the percentage of polyphenols precipitated by WPC35, mixtures of green tea infusions (I3) and...

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  6. ... Kowalski, a sweat-shirted barbarian, the crudely sensual brother-in-law who precipitated Blanche s tragedy.

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  7. 很榮幸認識同學翻譯如下,請參考The river of time, wash and don t walk to precipitate of recollection, let go of the anchor man of the memory in think of of the season, let to remember fondly to pull in to shore.Pass my wish lightly敬祝學業猛晉達達 敬上

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  8. Goblet= calix= chalice (高腳杯) Proliferate= accelerate= precipitate (使激增) 反義 retard= decelerate(使減速) Ladle = dipper= scoop (杓子)

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  9. and shut family in harmony s friendly feelings , can spend weekend vacation precipitating one s own mood too , adjust the mood not good, accumulate better energy for the spirit...

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  10. Absorbing more fresh vitamin C in the fruitcan help the wound and can also desalinize the pigment to precipitate whilehealing with higher speed at dawn

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