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  1. private 私人的, 個人擁有的(但不表示只有一人主持, 也許是大firm) practice (醫生、律師等的)業務,開業, 生意 指自己開業的意思, 多半指醫生、律師行業...

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  2. critical practice = 批判性實踐Critical Practice in Social Work = 社會工作中的批判性實踐 參考資料 以上僅供版主參考。還請版上前賢不吝批評指教。謝謝!

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  3. ...test for the official license will occur the first week of April, and the practice sessions will be from 2:00 pm until 05:00pm each of the four Mondays...

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  4. pratice of medicine : 醫學臨床(實習) That's the practice of medicine-they're still practicing . 這是醫學臨床(實習)-- 他們仍然在實習中. 意思就是遇到了醫療實習人員, 所以才會產生意外

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  5. 他們的推銷人員常常因為很糟的推銷行為而被批評。

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  6. 1.Do you know what it feels like to eat raw fish? Can you imagine what it feels like to be a millionaire? Do you know what it feels like to fly? 2. Do you know how hungry it is to fast for a month? Can you imagine how sad it is to lose a parent in youth...

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  7. ...周韻為江蘇教育學院英文系副教授。本文譯自作者《看的實踐:視覺文化導論》( Practices of Looking: An Introduction to Visual Culture...

  8. These "preferred practices " cover the following elements:trade matching, the role of the central depository.......... 這些較常用(見)的實施方法包含了下列要素: 交易撮合,集中保管的角色...

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  9. 實習的話 每家醫院的流程與規定不同 你可以先上醫院的網頁 之後聯絡該醫院的護理部 詢問看看 你想在該醫院的實習需求 醫院可能會要你的就讀學校出示公文 以及一些簡單證明文件 視各醫院而定 建議你可以找醫學中心 或是區域教學醫院等級的醫院 比較容易獲得實習的機會..... 高雄...

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  10. *have to (必須) 之後要接動詞原形 Ex: I have to tell him the truth. He has to workk hard. 所以 I have to practice English every day. 才正確

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