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  1. Pound ,Ezra(Loomis) 龐德 1885-1973, 美國詩人及批評家 pound ...相當一磅的力量 4 a. 英鎊 b. (埃及, 敘利亞等國的) 貨幣單位 5 (也作 pound scots) 蘇格蘭從前的貨幣單位 pound <<...

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  2. 1 pound = 453.6 gram 48.3 kg is about 106.5 pounds Pound is a unit of mass or weight, and it is commonly used in the United States.

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  3. (用杵)搗;研碎

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  4. # pound 2006-12-18 22:11:00 補充: It has several names. The... probably &#39;hash&#39;. In the US called &#39; pound &#39;. In the large form in which it appears on modern telephones...

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  5. You want to translate it? 你唔駛一(英)鎊就可以買到!

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  6. "In for a penny, in for a pound " literally means "if you owe a penny, you might as well borrow more and...

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  7. ...印度盧布? (Rupee, INR) 人民幣 (Renminbi, RMB) 英磅 ( Pound Sterling, GBP) 埃及磅 (Egyptian Pound , EGP...

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  8. five hundred pounds 意思是五百英鎊。 Five是 &quot;五&quot; Hundred是 &quot;百&quot; 或 &quot;一百&quot; pounds 是 &quot;磅&quot;, &quot;英鎊&quot;

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  9. About 2 million flowers. Very easy search: "One pound of honey". No need to post the question here.

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  10. play, ground, pound , around, gay, and, an, loud, pray, gray, dog, young, drop, lay, round, plag, proud, uno, on, go, no, pay, plan, you, do, ya, yup, ray

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