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  1. the woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang best. 要是只有最會唱歌的鳥兒們 才(可以)唱歌(的話) 那樹林裡就太沉寂了吧! 就是說: 有話就要說 不一定是要完美的話 才能說! 有才就要用 不一定是要最佳的才 才能用!

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  2. words possess power. Do you want to utilize it or be dallied with it? Do you want to utilize it to do something good or something bad? 英文不像中國文字的使用方式比較優美簡化 英文都很口語化 這是我的解答 希望你滿意

  3. 不管你擁有多少財富,知足才能讓你人生更快樂

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  4. 由後面那句可以知道他過去就是唯一個擁有者. 在英文上就是指他過去是,現在不是了 所以前句也用過去式會比較恰當 你用現在完成式的話代表他從過去到現在都還擁有那座城堡

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  5. Tea polyphenols (TP) possess many beneficial properties, such as reducing the...61%, 32%, 38% and 54%, suggesting that TP might possess antinutritional properties 以0.05 mg/ml 茶多酚, 對...

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  6. ...習慣用分詞省略關代和主詞。 (4)The board hoped to find someone who possessed ________thinking and an innovative approach to advertising. 重點是後面...

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  7. A moth possesses 2 pairs of wings that function as a single pair and are ...

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  8. ...and Lyrics by Ashin How do you possess a rainbow How do you embrace a summer wind The... smile, how can I keep it, how can I possess it If you’re happy and it’s not because of...

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  9. ...couldn't do it in time. 7.People say Jack used to possess many valuable paintings. (請用S+be+said+to...句型改寫) ...

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