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  1. Scanner kbd = new Scanner(; int input = kbd.nextInt(); for (int i = 15; i <= input; i += 15) { System.out.printf("%s ", i); }

  2. Q1: (B) nor Q2: (D) results in 導致 Q3: (A) it Q4: (C) therefore Q5: (B) imports

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  3. To stay good shape and keep fit are proper things for everyone.If we used right approach to keep fit then would have a healthy body and a sound mind. There are some ways to keep fit, firstly by keeping the normal routine daily habits; secondly, by...

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  4. ...:-The teacher will give a math test tomorrow.----exercise will-power, positive attitude."will" is better than "may" B.may-be...

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  5. test ~ negative sentence: it did not pass the safety test ~ emphasizing positive sentence: it did pass the safety test 它 "確實" 通過了安全測試

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  6. Q.1. Take upwards be the positive direction Let v m/s be the velocity of the stone at the...4gh/3) s = 5h/3 m Q.2. Take upwards be the positive direction Let s1 m be the maximum height of ball A...

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  7. ... Animation Software Works How False Positives Work (and What They Could Mean for ...

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  8. A kind-hearted reminding helps positive thinking grow, a criticism with venom buds a disgusting thought.