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  1. Holy moly, he is able to get to this position in merely a year with the company. What a dude!

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  2. ...once worked in a trading xxx clerical grading position ,needing to deal with files and colleagues where I...

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  3. ... a well qualified person who would be an excellent choice for this position . I have an ability to communicate with the colleagues well and cooperate...

  4. ... and experience would be of great benefit to your company in this position . 2. believe (present simple) 現在相信, 經常相信, 不用 believed, 因是 past...

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  5. ...of the other team members didn’t know what were their own positions and put themselves at a loss. We should have assigned the job...

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  6. remains in the world. 16% growth rate continued to maintain the position of the single largest source of international tourism. In 2013, the ...

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  7. ...把全部包裝打開、讓材料通風透氣,并放置高處,防潮! 翻譯 : Please open all the packaging immediately upon.... In addition, place them at a high position and take moisture prevention measures.

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  8. ...防潮! 3、貼合材料請放于乾燥地方,并尽快使用! 翻譯 : 1. Please make sure that all the white materials.... In addition,place them at a high position and take moisture prevention measures. 3. Please...

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  9. .... Basic information regarding the size, shape, and position of the kidneys, ureters, and bladder may be ...有譯錯, 想知道在哪裡錯? 希望你指出錯處, 有錯要改 最好你 翻譯 及解釋給大家看看, 請賜教

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  10. That is, swapping the position of the names Edmond & Mary Date

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