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  1. ...that for well over two thousand years there have been Shetland Ponies in Shetland. Because of the islands' isolation in the...

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  2. 你等多兩個月啦,信我! 我知道香港首間專門店會係今年十二月開將,多數會係銅鑼灣,廣告將會陸續有o來。 如果你真係咁急要,台灣有超過四十間鋪, PONY 係台灣超famous。

  3. 太古城的瑪沙和永安都有呀

  4. 3字係舊款 4字係新款 純色馬係舊款 彩色馬係新款 我肯定!!!!!! 想買真貨去專門店吧!網上的polo七成假貨!小心!

  5. 去Sogo6/F啦果度有好多選擇架!

  6. You just use your felling to write out some words . Other people can't know what you are thinking . You need to work hard!

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  7. 我o係cwb sogo見到~ mk波鞋街好似都有~ 不過sogo多d

  8. ... a long, long time ago, a small duck, dog, bunny, kitten, pony once were good friends. One day, the little...delicious soup. A few days later, the bunny and pony drink the soup, we got a puppy, and asked ...

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  9. 小さな魔法 ステレオポニー この街をつつむ風は 包圍這個小鎮的風 どこか少し冷たくって 總覺得有一點凜冽 僕はいつも獨りだった 我曾總是獨自一人 それでいいと思ってたんだ 曾認為這樣就滿足 あの日キミと出會ってから 自那天與你相遇起 世界は色を変えていった 世界...

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