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  1. not every girl has that point and feel high when touch that point , put u fingers in vagina, try to find somewhere that feels like spongy, rub against that place for a while, u may feel high

    分類:健康 > 其他 - 健康 2007年01月22日

  2. ... finger cannot provide ... and you get your fingers across her hair and ask her to suck it...feel that she is dirty, I don't see a point to have sex with her ... hope all help

    分類:健康 > 其他 - 健康 2007年03月22日

  3. ...螺紋,螺紋裝安全套 can create more friction and extra contact points with the wall of the vagina ... it can create more sensation for... way is using your tongue or finger to tickle/excite the cherry ... since it is the lady&...

    分類:健康 > 其他 - 健康 2007年03月04日