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  1. since---adv,prep, conj (with the present tense or with have or had) between a point in the past and now eg:-(1)Jerry has known (or met) the girl...

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  2. I am one question shy of 60 points .

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  3. 下面這款就不到一萬元 而且一年後,可以改用Impress來取代要收費的 point

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  4. ...sense. absurd是表達批評否定的荒謬,意思指對方是胡扯或甚為無理。 Your point on this discussion is absurd, there is no point to talk to you anymore. ridiculous...

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  5. Never. Games do not always reflect the reality. The "nitrogen" you earned is skill point /bonus. At the same time - there is no aircraft flying unlimited missiles.

  6. I missed the perfect score by two points on National Literature subject test.

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  7. zero is the starting point of a variable; x=zero--->

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  8. 令P(x,y,z)=z³ -x*y+y*z + y³.則(1) ∂w/ ∂x=2x+2z*∂z/ ∂x 因為連鎖原理運用到w = x² + y² + z² ;(2) ∂z/ ∂x =-[∂P/ ∂x ]/[∂P/ ∂z] ,因為連鎖原理運用到P=1,故∂z/ ∂x=y/[3z^2+y](3); 代(x, y, z) = (2, -1, 1)入(1)+(3)=>∂w/ ∂x=2-1=1 @(x,y,z)=(2...

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