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  1. poem詩 poetry 詩(總稱) poet詩人 poetess女詩人 poet laureate桂冠詩人 poetaster打油詩人 poetic充滿詩意的 epic史詩 heroic poem紀錄英雄事蹟的詩 rhyme韻腳 rhyming押韻 rhyming slang同韻俚語

  2. ...) 千寶 (The Great Kham Commentary of poetry )

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  3. The ancient Greeks rained poetry on wine. 古希臘人像雨般的用詩來描述酒. 也就是古希臘人用許多(如語點般多的)詩來描述酒.

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  4. interesting. It can appear in pictures, Chinese poetries , idioms and eve pop music! Now, let's discover the spring in ...

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  5. www. poetry .com~讚~有很多英文詩!!

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  6. ... selection of ____ contains some contemporary _____. 解答為poems, poetry 為什麼不是 poetry , poems??? Ans poem 是可數名詞,可以有複數...

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  7. ... - Bobby Helms 在http://www.lyricsdownload.com找得到 Poetry In Motion - Johnny Tillotson http://homepage.ntlworld...

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  8. Edgar Allan Poe Poetry , Tales, and Selected Essays

  9. ...exep/prod/booksfile.php?item=0010198961 浮士德博士悲劇史 5.Ben Jonson poetry ----from Francis Bacon’s essays 培根論文集內一篇詩...

  10. ... written seventeen works of literature, including poetry anthologies, essays, and travel notes.