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  1. Emma Shapplin 圖片參考:http:// plod 圖片參考:http:// plod .popoever...

  2. ...牠中途停了下來,打算睡個午覺,以示牠對烏龜的不削。 The tortoise plodded on and plodded on, and when the hare awoke from his nap, he...

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  3. From today, the National Flag will be flown at half mast for three days to lament flood victims. Two exhausted mules are plodding in a circle around a grindstone.

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  4. Drudgevi→做苦工   n→做苦工的人or做乏味工作的人相近詞→ plod

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  5. ...落差。 The life of top model can be the fantasy come true. Learning the plod of catwalk. Enjoy the glitz and the glamour. But becoming a top...

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  6. ...搜尋『』可以找到很多相關的網站 官網 英 http:// plod 簡 宣導短片 影片檔

  7. ... the common life that binds us through days that soar or plod : For this place and for these people, we give you thanks, O ...

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  8. ...1.]:Drudge:vi./ 做苦工 n./ 做苦工的人;做乏味工作的 [相似字-2.]: Plod :vi.1.) 沈重緩慢地走[Q][(+on/along)] 2. 努力從事;埋頭苦幹[Q...

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  9. ...生说:“只要你努力学习,一定能铁杵磨针,取得好成绩。”铁杵磨针翻译: Plodding his way through

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  10. ...網頁。 2007-10-08 14:01:44 補充: 另外一個網頁也有詳細解說請自行閱讀 http:// plod