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  1. ...減到最細,或者 search其他來源找純音樂。升 key和降 key,你試試在 effect入面既 pitch ,跟住調校入面既 scale%。 2009-09-14 11:43:37 補充: 在補答打了補充內容...

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  2. .... For me I can notice the differences that high pitch sounds had disappeared only when comparing to the...

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  3. ... PC microphone. It can also analyze your singing for pitch accuracy. You can record, edit, playback, and print sheet music in standard MIDI...

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  4. ...crop, normalize, fade in/out, mute, change volume, invert, vocal remover, channel convert, resample, pitch shift.

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  5. ...視窗中。 2. 選取要編輯的部分。 3. 在 Effect -> Change Pitch ... 中就可修改音調。 4. 完成後可滙出成 WAV 或 MP3 檔。

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  6. ... such as noise reduction, compressor/expander, volume shaping, volume matcher, pitch , reverb, resampling, parametric EQ, etc. Effect previewing...

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  7. 據我所知Windows media player 和gom player都支援即時高低音調校。 2010-07-21 14:44:03 補充: Windows media player 檢視 >加強 >圖形等化器 God player 右鍵音訊 >音訊設定 >音訊 2010-07-23 20:55:26 補充: gom player

    分類:電腦及互聯網 > 軟體 2010年07月28日

  8. ...offset、pan、volume shaping、invert、resample、transpose、noise reduction、time warp、 pitch …等等)。 2010-12-11 00:17:14 補充: GoldWave 也支援相當多的檔案...

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  9. ...offset、pan、volume shaping、invert、resample、transpose、noise reduction、time warp、 pitch …等等)。 GoldWave 也支援相當多的檔案格式(WAV、AU...

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  10. Audacity幫到你,以前中學玩過你所要的要求,但係太耐唔記得左了 而家只識整鈴聲...0.0

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