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  1. In pitch 有 8 個不同的意思,可翻成: 1...足球埸 2011-04-06 03:14:03 補充: Pitch :名詞 解釋: 1. 瀝青;含有瀝青的... are different, high or low in pitch , tender or harsh. 同樣的風經過不同...

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  2. off the pitch . 綠茵場外 Off the Pitch 綠茵場外...圖片參考: pitch /furniture_813414/20090302122255ben_foster_getty_203b.jpg Ben...

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  3. A pitched instrument can be tuned. e.g. piano, violin 鋼琴 久不久要 tuned (調音...已經清楚地給了英文的定義. 你在補充裡面說要中文解釋, 我只能作少少補充 pitched instrument = 有調樂器 ~ 富於變化, 可演奏悅耳的音調, 樂器可調音, 如果是鋼琴...

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  4. ...contrast between scenes. 7.Form - elegant and smooth, strong and clean cut. 8. Pitch - general medium, not too many extreme high pitches or gramatic pitch changes...

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  5. Our pitch was the street, but to us, it was a wonderful pitch . 我們的球場是街道,但是對我們來說,它是一個令人驚嘆的球場。

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  6. crying buckets ----------哭水桶 fade away-----------------消失 feel the pitch --------------感到這個球塲 have a crush on-----------迷戀於 scores of ------------------幾十個 shower with---------------有陣雨 I hope to help you

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  7. volunteer / noun elderly / noun experience / noun underprivileged / adj. pitch in / verb quit / verb ignore / verb cheer up / verb immediately / adverb charity / noun attend / verb

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  8. ... more than one kind of sport in a Sports Club 2.I pitch my tent with my friends. repalce " pitch " by &...

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  9. ...a play-off hole to determine who is the winner 8) putting green = green. pitching green?? pitching is a technique of approaching to green.

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  10. hockey--- pitch cycling---track soports---應該用ground football---ground shooting---(don't know) baskball---court golf----range tennis---court hope it helps!!

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