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  1. ...憔悴 (+ away) 2.痛苦,悲哀(+ for ) 3.渴望(+ for /after) 例: The girl was pining for her mother s return. 那女孩渴望母親的歸回. Pant (vi) 1.氣喘,氣促...

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  2. This gallery is pining for the fjords. (風切入或海水貫入聲)這個通道好似在為峽灣泣鳴! gallery...

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  3. 落花有意 : The waterside flower pining for love sheds petals 流水無情: The flowing water is merciless

  4. pan就是盼ㄉ羅馬拼音 這是你要的嗎?? 還是你要問的是英文 那麼接近盼ㄉp開頭英文有prospect, pine for

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  5. ...get chilly and damp, and many Taipei residents find themselves pining for some sunshine come mid-February. Typhoon season hits in late...

  6. ...希望有幫助 2012-10-23 20:33:57 補充: Why can't you just be pining for apple Prisoner?

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  7. ...on quickly realised with hindsight that the man she had been pining for was wrong for her. 我們所熟知,每個能快速走出傷痛的女人,都...

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  8. 通常是因為圖片違反了版權才會發生這種狀況 有兩種可能 一種是圖片掛了,看上去沒死但是真的死了 另外一種是被縮到裏板 去找看看吧

  9. ...eavesdrop on a conversation in which they discuss how Beatrice is secretly pining away for love of him. Tricked, Benedick resolves to "take...

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  10. ...23551712-the-doomsday-bunker-mods-secret-command-centre-including-a- pine -bed- for 圖片參考:

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