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  1. ...the factors of personality affecting physicians ’ performance of a medical center in northern ... and show the positively associative trend in physicians ’ productivity. 五大人格特質扮演了中介變項的...

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  2. ... Care Provider 醫療服務 Physician 醫生 Acupuncture (Acupuncturist... Therapist 物理治療員 Physician 's Assistant 醫生助手 Psychologist...

  3. a physician who specializes in disease of the nervous system is called neurologyist(神經學家) and 附帶給你 neurology(神經學) 2006-10-04 20:50:54 補充: sORRY 我打太快打錯ㄌ><" 謝謝糾正~

  4. ... surgery is booming in America. As more physicians become involved in this new area of medicine, the public all too often ...

  5. physician scale 醫生磅, 醫療用體重儀 wall mounted stadiometer 牆掛身高計, 牆掛測距儀

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  6. 你好.在 1.pchome女性購物 2.yahoo購物中心 Physicians +Formula&subno=8 都可以買的到喔.價格還好喔.

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  7. ...]美國 致力於鑑定和治療不需要手術(=切開身體)的疾病的一位醫生 physician 內科醫生 主要通用美國或者正式用法 名詞 [C](英國也通用此字) 一位...

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  8. ... (PDMW) The PDMW provides the physician with a list of home medications to compare with the hospital medications...

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  9. 以下網路查詢結果, 請參考: 人員職稱中英文調查表 16主治醫師Attending Physician from:

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  10. though once he bore the respect of physicians and scientists across the length and breadth of the Old World...

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