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  1. 表示這是處方藥, 要有醫師處方.所以即使有錢,人家也不會賣. ,

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  2. 以下網路查詢結果, 請參考: 人員職稱中英文調查表 16主治醫師Attending Physician from:

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  3. 1. Physician Referral to Physical Therapy in a Cohort of...

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  4. ... doctors was the son of the physician who tried, and failed, to save Kahn... doctors) was (the son of the physician who tried, and failed to save Kahn...

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  5. ... with my old friends 遇到老友  小時侯想成為什麼樣的人: Physician ; fireman 內科醫生,消防員

  6. this atempts the physician to treat with potentially sensitizing topical antibiotics 因為這會使得醫師用可能會造成過敏的施加局部抗生素的治療方法

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  7. ... shifts were reviewed by the treating physician at some point during the treatment day but generally did not require pretreatment physician ...

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  8. ... of Front Desk Clerks2. Kindliness of Physicians3 . Congeniality of Nurses4. Amiability of ...

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  9. Past harassment of physicians by government agencies and conservative medical societies seems to...

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  10. ...for.. 以...獲得信賴/受到認可 Alomst miraculously, physicians in Pittsburgh learned of a donation from...外科手術醫生們獲得一筆從出生就腦死小孩的雙親捐款 翻譯 有很多種,有耐心的話可以再多想一些說 神賜恩典...

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