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  1. Kinesiology(肌動學):the study of human movement from the point of view of physical sciences -main areas:anatomaical kinesiology & mechanical kinesiology Biomechanics...

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  2. 你的題目應該是這樣才對:d^2y/dx^2+ω^2*y=0,where ω is real. (1)用帶入法證明y=Ae^(iωx)+Be^(-iωx)是解函數 y = Ae^(iωx) ---> d^2y/dx^2 = A(iω)^2*e^(iωx)= -ω^2*Ae^(iωx) 帶入原方程式可得 -ω^2*Ae^(iωx...

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  3. ...20:22:33 補充: 瞭解了.的確是有點混淆不清. 英文裡的定義是: Laws of science or physical laws are invariable facts of the physical world. In science ...

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  4. ..., Physics, Engineering Science , Biology or Human Biology... should normally be fit and able to fulfil the physical requirements of physiotherapy practice 睇番poly...

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  5. 1.一般大學圖書館的期刊室 2.上網搜尋以下關鍵字: 淺的:  物理雙月刊  科學人  Scientific American 深的:  Nature   Science Physical Review Letters 最新發表的:  arXiv

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  6. ...generalization based on empirical observations of physical behavior. They are typically conclusions...推翻.它的前身就是理論, 如今已放諸四海皆準.In science , a theory is a proposed description, explanation...

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  7. ...規範場論又通過了一次考驗。萬伯格現在堅信緲子數是不守恆的,但是他很遺憾,居然在實驗發表前未能預料到這一結果。(見 Physical Review Letters)~ science /content/1977/00050089/0016.htm

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  8. ...詳細參考資料(這裡還有富蘭克林鐘喔): http:// physical physical /physdemo/select/s5-3/s5-3.htm 你可以研究如何轉更快、扭力增大...科展的網站,裡面有很多資料可以參考,不知道你有沒有去過? http:// science

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  9. ... Atkins Julio de Paula Physical Chemistry science .asp?add_year=2005&popsc_aid=123

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  10. ...實驗證明是錯的,通常這意味著物理學的突破。 A physical law or a law of nature is a scientific generalization ...the form of such laws is the fundamental aim of science . Laws of nature are distinct from legal code and...

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