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  1. Perspective "部分"歌詞如下:(Limmeridge House. The conservatory. Later the same morning. Laura is sitting, playing the piano. She is 21, exquisitely beautiful, fair and... (speaking):But first, ladies, we must take advantage of this wonderful light!.........由於字數超過回答限制, 詳細內容請看下方網頁: perspective .htm

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  2. Process perspectives on motivation Process perspectives are motivation with how motivation...

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  3. ★ Q:視野/觀點的英文 ◆ A: perspective n. (名詞 noun) 透視圖法,遠近畫法[U...來看這個產業 ◆ A:Let s use the business perspective to look at this industry. ★ Q:(某人)缺乏商管...

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  4. Changing where perspectives open You can change the default behavior for how perspectives are...

  5. 就是把這件事遠觀來看 不要短視近利的意思

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  6. Organizational culture perspective construction regard as also is considered the personal...義意分享? 管理學上的『構面』,都是使用這個單字: perspective ,組織文化構面 = Organizational culture perspective ...

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  7. ...事後追究所使用的標準鼓勵將評估過程儘量的紀錄在書面上 and a meta-evaluative perspective focused on improvement and accountability for evaluation processes and ...

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  8. perspective of the nation/country 2005-05-24 17:44:37 補充: 感謝樓上兩位 不過這兒的人看法不同就是了 反正也是僅想提供點參考意見罷了 本據如果要翻的更一字不漏 我建議修改為 perspecive of a nation s/country s development

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  9. ... vs. Cost (1)Price: from a sale s perspective , the price that Asus provided is similar...accessibility. Convenience: From a customer s perspective , Asus is a globalize company and located...

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  10. perspectives =望遠鏡 其他的尋找中

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