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  1. ... the background of Wang Chang and explored his personal career path and interaction with contemporary Ci Poetry profession by ...

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  2. I will apply my personal specialties, such as internal management and data processing, to fully assist our class, club, and department. 2006-06-07 11:37:09 補充: 用英文表達時, 其實越白話會越清楚不需要文謅謅的 ^_^

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  3. personal /892362/1584411 這裡有很多影片 或著在奇摩上打想看的影片都可以找到很多 希望能幫助你

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  4. ...強森) 專輯: In Between Dreams 遊蕩在夢與夢之間 歌名: Better Together 試聽: amazon

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  5. ...應該就可以了,再不然再加上文字補充會更清楚:ask for leave for personal mattersask to take a day off for personal matters 

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  6. ...people Of all the farm animals a person might own, the goat is the best personal pet. 在所有的農場所飼養的動物裡面,羊是人們最要好的寵物了. you can keep...

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  7. ...獻給台灣的中文歌曲AND台灣歌迷獻給AYU的歌曲 Personal /554892/1316761

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  8. 這首是 Lunaspace - Where's The Party 歌手:Lunaspace 歌名:Where's The Party 您貼的版本是有稍微加速的版本!! Top 100 best techno Vol.1 專輯裡頭有收藏這首

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  9. ...aware of how computers and Internet use can inpact your own well -being and personal relationships. 身為一位負責任的使用者同時代表了解電腦和網路的使用...

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  10. ...喔 抱歉更正一下 應該是 Daft Punk 傻瓜龐克 - Harder Better Faster Stronger 這首才對 音樂觀看

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