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  1. 響Psy. 入面,sensation同 perception 好大分別喎!! 雖然人類在sensation同 perception 方面差不多...呢part在Psy可以唔洗點理,你明o左就得喇~)。 Perception 則係需要更高層次的腦部活動 (involve higher level...

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  2. ...課程,就可以幫人減肥賺錢,因為香港制度唔嚴,你冇讀過味覺心理學,寫篇文,就叫 perception of taste,psycology of taste係要讀嘅專業科.

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  3. Perception 指直覺或對某種東西或人既預先感覺. 例如你直覺上要用咁既方式去解決呢件事件, 所以就用佐呢果方式, 其他方式你或會聽唔入耳.

  4. 顧客的看法, 意見, 對物品的價值觀, 覺得是......對人/地方的形象

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  5. perception or the knowledge u already have, will fill in the gap of the info u receive. Eg...

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  6. Have you learn Post-traumatic Stress Disorder?That would be a good example. It has emphasize that the trauma event that resulted in later tramatic response, which stated that the trauma experience shaped our behavior!!

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  7. I guess it is better to give you a starting point to think of: Have you ever met some person your first impression is good but later you found that he is a liar? Have you ever met situations that you think you...

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  8. 1. All human are evil and kind at the same time. Many mean persons are actually very kind to their kids. Just like many kind teachers became killers in the WW2. 2. Why do you need to watch a movie to reckon...

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  9. "This perception is bleak indeed, but politics, as they say, is perception ." 在這句既...年青一代要置業. 呢個觀感好(淒涼的, 無希望的) Politics is perception : 政治觀感. 毛孟靜英語教室有講Politics is perception . link: http...

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  10. ... Personal control is the perception that one has the ability, resources, or...likelihood of making difficult behavior changes Perceptions of control in vulnerable populations. Across...

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