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  1. Ampicillin contains a cyclic structure (benzene ring) such that it can absorb UV. Of course, the peak wavelength need to be found experimentally. You can find the structure of it in the web!!

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  2. ..., cp / cst = Fp * ap / ast where (ap) is the area of the peak for component (p), (ast) is the area of the peak for the standard, and (Fp...

    分類:科學及數學 > 化學 2007年11月24日

  3. ...一dproton 係有 hydrogen bond interaction,加入 D2O 就會令那一些 peak "disappear",因為 D2O 既 deuterium 係在 proton NMR...

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  4. ...of the molecules in solution, change in temperature may lead to shift in absorption peaks , or change in extinction coefficients (change in signal intensity). Time...

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  5. ...補充: 2. yes, it can show presence / absence of some bonds. however, the absorption peaks could deviate a little from others ue to difference in molecular shape, arrangement of...

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  6. 你一定係大專生啦=]....... 我唔可以比好直接既答案你因為你都好大啦=),你要學搵書,ORG CHEM 書有 第一條係同IR既原理有關,The question is asking what is the working principle of the IR spectrum (atoms or...

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  8. ... higher. The nuclear power station is more unwell proper do the peak and leave the 峰 it with transport to turn. Building the nuclear power...

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  9. Explanation as follows: 圖片參考:

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