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  1. The result is difference from time zone. Japan Time (GMT+9) is 1 hour faster than Hong Kong (GMT+8). MM 68 (HKG > KIX) departs at 12:35 am in Hong Kong. But...

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  2. 有; 1. Peach Aviation 樂桃 航空 (LCC BUDGET AIRLINES) 價錢; 淡季... Eastern Airlines 中國東方 航空 公司 價錢; 淡季: $1500-$3000 旺季: $2500-$5000 中国東方...

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  3. As soon as your passport still has 6 months before expiration when you board the plane, you are fine. Basically, those information is used as a reference and for airport security use. You can call and change it if you want.

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  4. ...你幾重.超重好多就有收你錢.1-2kg就當睇你唔到.當然個別廉價 航空 例如樂桃 航空Peach Aviation係要收你寄艙行李錢架

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  5. 1. Slim to none. It is a peak season. Airlines do not incline to provide more inventory to low fare buckets. 2. Yes. 3. Peach and Air India (limited service)

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  6. No need to refund the ticket. Simply call Peach to fix the issue. It should be free. (In some case, you may even able to...

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  7. ...如此久遠的2007年,莫非女青年們要再度複興人棍劇麼?   舞台為前作10年後,在 航空 機場陷入火海之際,少女スバル?ナカジマ被時空管理局的魔導師所救.4年後...